I have always loved learning of and documenting my family's ancestry. And why not do it in the prettiest and most creative way I can.

I started teaching heritage scrapbooking classes 10 years ago at Scrapbook Parade in Victoria and absolutely loved it. I've always been so impressed with how perfect Graphic 45 papers are with heritage photographs.

So, if you're like me, and tend to hoard your most beautiful papers...STOP...pull them out and use them! They are timeless!

Graphic 45 - A Proper Gentleman

Graphic 45 - Botanicabella

Graphic 45 - Communique

Graphic 45 - Baby 2 Bride

For this project I used the Bird Song Collection from Graphic 45 combined with an antique Asian book cover and an old file folder to create a book with two interior folders, notebooks and a Pop-up.

I began by deconstructing the antique book and covering the inside front and back cover

with Bird Song patterned paper. Remember, that if you choose to close the completed book with ribbons, be sure to attach them before adhering the patterned paper.

Tip: It is also a good idea to score the patterned paper every 1/8” just where it will be

attached to the book spine. This will not only help it adhere to the spine better and but also make opening and closing the book easier.

I then created two folders, one for each side, re-purposing the old file folders as the base. The left side opening horizontally and the right side opening vertically. Then covered each with patterned paper.

The inside left folder is decorated with fussy cut images and attached to the inside cover of the book. I also affixed a small strap using the repurposed file folder and magnets to keep the folder closed.

The right-side folder is covered with patterned paper and a side pocket created to hold ephemera, then the whole folder is adhered to the back cover of the book.

I covered the inside of the left-handed folder with Bird Song patterned paper and fussy cut images. As well as, a second fussy cut image of the birds is adhered with foam squares. I also created a pocket using the repurposed file folder and covered it with patterned paper.

The inside of the right-handed folder also has a pocket covered with patterned paper and a three-dimensional pop-up made with Bird Song fussy cut images.

I then created the two mini notebooks. For the first one, I deconstructed one of the Graphic 45 black notebooks. I did this to make the notebook thinner and to re-purpose a few pages from the antique Asian book. I then coffee stained the paper and put the notebook back together using a three-hole pamphlet stitch, covered the front with fussy cut paper and the inside front and back pockets.

The second notebook is just a notebook I had on hand. I cut the entire notebook to the size I wanted and tore out pages to make it thinner. Then I coffee stained the entire notebook and covered the front with Bird Song patterned paper.

* Asian Themed Vintage Collection available for purchase in my

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Graphic 45 Supply List:

Bird Song Deluxe Collector’s Edition (sold-out)

Black Notebooks from Travel Album with Notebook Set

Policy & Decorative Dies

Supplies available from Tiny House Journals Etsy Shop:

Antique Asian Book Cover

Repurposed Hanging File Folder

Antique Asian Book Pages

Asian Themed Ephemera

Additional Supplies:


Various charms, feather, rub-on and small notebook

Distress Ink

Various adhesives

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Updated: Aug 3

One of the things I love about Graphic 45 is that many of their paper lines coordinate so perfectly together that you can use them interchangeable within the same project. I've used three different paper lines in my curio cabinet and they work beautifully together.

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